Joining Kiwanis

Who Belongs to Kiwanis

Club Members

Membership in Kiwanis is open to all men and women who are willing to attend meetings, work on projects, and wish to make a difference in their community. The Redmond Kiwanis Club is made up of local citizens dedicated to making their community and the world a better place to live through their volunteer efforts. Each member volunteers many hours each year, and enjoys nearly every minute of it.

What can Kiwanis Can Do For You?

  •  Provide the opportunity for you to become personally involved in the life of your community, and to help improve your community, the nation, and the world;
  • Provide you with the opportunity for fellowship that is often lacking in a busy world, and to make lifetime friendships based on mutual interest and the shared joy of doing for others;
  • Enable you to share ideas and opinions with others who wish to make the world a better place in which to live;
  • Help you to develop leadership skills by serving a Kiwanis Club in positions of responsibility;
  • Provide you with the opportunity to help train tomorrow’s leaders through Kiwanis’ unique Sponsored Youth Programs: K-Kids for elementary school students, Builders Club for middle school students, Key Club for high school students, and Circle K Club for college students;
  • Help broaden your general knowledge by providing speakers on scores of interesting subjects during club meetings;
  • Provide you with the good feeling that comes from knowing you have personally helped your community and its people.

What can you do for Kiwanis?

  •  Participate in club meetings and functions;
  • Give club members a chance to know you better, and to build lasting friendships with you;
  • Strengthen a Kiwanis Club by lending your talents and special skills where they are needed;
  • Speak out and share your ideas with others;
  • Stengthen Kiwanis by inviting your friends to join your Kiwanis Club;
  • In short, help to keep Kiwanis the number one service organization in the world today.

How Active are Members?

  • A member’s level of activity in the Redmond Kiwanis Club depends upon the member’s schedule outside of Kiwanis. Some members are very active and participate in most weekly meetings and community service projects. Other members participate in only a few meetings and community service projects.
  • Each member volunteers as many hours as she/he chooses each year.
  • The Redmond Kiwanis Club respects each member’s right to determine the level of activity that is appropriate for that member.

Interested In Joining?

If you would like to lean more about the Redmond Kiwanis Club, we invite you to be our quest at one of our upcoming meetings. Please contact President Byron Shutz (425-301-6386) and we will make arrangements for you to attend a meeting.  If you would like to join the Redmond Kiwanis Club after attending a Club meeting, download the New Member Form, complete the form, and bring the form to the next Club meeting.