Sponsored Youth

The Kiwanis Family includes clubs that play a special role in developing future generations of leaders. K-Kids Clubs at the elementary school level, Builders Clubs in middle and junior high schools, and Key Clubs in high schools, all are Kiwanis organizations that teach community service and leadership skills to young people. The Redmond Kiwanis Club sponsors a Key Club for high school students at the Redmond High School, the Overlake High School, and the Bear Creek Christian School, and plans to establish K-Kids and Builders Clubs in the local School District in the future.


K-Kids provide the opportunity for elementary school students to develop self-esteem, leadership skills, morals and standards, and respect for others through involvement in community service projects. Members learn that their opinions and ideas count and that they can be productive members of society. They form sound personal values and experience satisfaction in knowing they did something to help improve the world around them. K-Kids members learn to work together as a group and yet be strong individually.  (K-Kids International Web Site)

Builders ClubBuilders Clubs offer an opportunity for middle school-aged students to develop leadership qualities through volunteer community service to their school, community, and peers. As the motto “We Build” indicates, Builders Clubs are for young people who want to take positive, constructive action to build a better world for themselves and others. In addition, Builders Club develops leadership potential and fosters the development of strong moral character. Builders Club members experience the thrill of accomplishment and the satisfaction of knowing their efforts make a difference for those they help.  (Builders Club International Web Site)

Key ClubKey Clubs promote the ideals of voluntary service to others and provides high school students with opportunities for leadership development. Most Key Club members are required to perform a certain number of hours of service work each year. Today, Key Clubs are the world’s largest service club for high school students, and have over 217,000 members. Key Clubs are active in over 4,800 high schools in the United States, Canada, and 18 other nations. Every year, two hundred or more new Key Clubs are added to this fast growing organization. Well over 1 million adult men and women today can look back on Key Club as part of their high school experience.  (Key Club International Web Site)

The Redmond Kiwanis Club sponsors Key Clubs at the Redmond High School, the Overlake High School, and the Bear Creek Christian School.

Redmond High School Key Club (Facebook Page)

The RHS Key Club is excited for the 2017-18 year to continue to provide service and to be actively involved in the surrounding community.  This school year we are planning on being involved with local environmental beautification and clean up, working with organizations like Hopelink and Microsoft, and providing service at community events such as fun runs and fairs.  We also plan to devote time to learning more about the homeless youth in our area and doing what we can to change the situation for the better.  We are looking forward to another productive year of contributing to our community and providing service to those that need it.